Why Remote control makes sense
Truck Chute

The method of filling bins has not changed much over the years. There is still one person working alone, for long hours, late at night, unloading the grain truck. What has changed is farms are getting bigger, augers are getting faster, and bins are getting taller. With the introduction of air seeders filling the air seeder tank has created another reason for remote chute control.

If you have ever hurried off an air seeder tank or grain bin to close the grain chute you'll know all about wanting to be in two places at once. We all know someone who has been injured while hurrying when unloading grain or is allergic to grain or chemical dust. This is what prompted Agremote to develop a remote control chute system back in 1997.

We here at Agremote design and manufacture what we sell. You can contact us directly anytime for installation or service and talk with the people that design and build the products. The input from our customers has been a critical element in the design of every product we sell. Our customers tell us the features they want and the worst case scenarios to look out for and we then design the products. There is no off the shelf products available that have the features and benefits of the Agremote systems. Recent advances in electronics allow Agremote to provide a superior product for less money than was possible in the past.

Increasing farm safety and working conditions are two good reasons to invest in Agremote remote control products. Remote control lets you be "in two places at once". You can adjust grain flow of a truck or trailer chute or lift a hoist with a wireless remote transmitter from on top of the air seeder tank, grain bin or from the seat of your auger tractor.

Here are some customer comments:

A farmer from Gilbert Plains, Manitoba wrote us saying: " I can't stress enough what this unit has done for me this fall during harvest, in saving me time and ensuring my safety. I unloaded 15,000 bushels of oats and walked away dust free". A lady from Alberta said "It's the best thing my husband ever bought for the farm. I can sit in the shade and have my lunch when I unload the truck". Another quoted "life's too short to be running up and down the air seeder". Another customer invested in our products because he has a good hired man and he wants to keep him around "Good hired men are hard to come by". This product will make grain handling easier, safer and more efficient. To make a small one time investment that will give these benefits for years to come makes sense.

These are just a few reasons why Agremote products are not a luxury but a necessity for many farm operations.

Our remote power openers for belly dump grain trailers has the power and features that take the physical work and hurry out of grain handling. In the 10 years of manufacturing this product it has proven to have the same excellent service life and reliability as our other products. Agremote also manufactures a remote control swing auger mover for both screw and conveyor systems that allows anyone to move the swing auger remotely without starting the tractor. The truck chute and hoist system are packed with features, such as a manual override on chute drive that allow you to switch from the remote powered system to manual operation of the chute with the flick of a lever. The hoist control can be operated by an in-cab switch and the same transmitter that operates the chute. We also design and build custom remote control systems.
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